Toilet Installation & Repair

Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services serves Seaside, Monterey, Salinas & Santa Cruz, CA

Are you in need of professional plumbing services for your toilet repair or installation? The technicians at Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services have served the Monterey Peninsula and beyond for over 35 years, and are proud to provide dependable, efficient, and durable toilet repairs and replacements. We train our team to use high quality parts and tools, and to prioritize workmanship, and we offer the best warranties in the business – a two-year guarantee on parts and labor.

For occasional toilet clogs, most people turn to a plunger to fix the problem. For recurring or complicated clogs, however, you’ll need professional help. At Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services, we’ll be at your service the same day if you require an emergency toilet repair or replacement. We’ll explain what caused the clog and give you a list of your best options.

If you’re thinking of using chemical drain products to fix a clogged toilet, think again. These chemicals are notorious for stripping the insides of pipes, making the buildup worse, and degrading pipes prematurely. Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services uses BIO-CLEAN, a product that uses bacteria and enzymes to digest organic buildup while protecting the integrity of your pipes. We also have safe drain snakes and rooters to clear pipes of debris without the use of chemicals, opening up your drains and getting rid of tough debris.

If you need an emergency toilet repair, call (831) 375-3475 now. Our technicians will be at your door ready to solve any issue in a fast and effective way. Contact us online about routine maintenance checks, new installation, or other non-emergency plumbing issues. We’re more than happy to answer your questions.