Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services serves Seaside, Monterey, Salinas & Santa Cruz, CA

Furnace problems can range from minor issues to major fire hazards, especially when furnaces aren’t properly maintained. Most Californians don’t touch their heating systems until the early months of winter. After being out of use for six months or longer, many furnaces need a tune-up or repairs. To avoid being stuck without heat on the first cold night of the season, contact Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services sooner rather than later for a routine maintenance inspection.

Our team will come to your home and perform an expert inspection of your unit, whether it’s forced air, floor, wall or other model furnace. Our more than 35 years of furnace experience allow us to guarantee your complete satisfaction and offer the best warranty in the business. All our work is backed by our two-year parts and labor warranty.

If your unit stops working unexpectedly, trust your repairs to Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services. We’ll make sure your it is functioning properly and running at its full efficiency to save you money on your energy bill. Our heating service trucks are kept fully stocked with parts to save you time and inconvenience.

When you need fast, trustworthy, and affordable furnace repair and maintenance, call Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services at (831) 375-3475. Don’t go without adequate heat for a single day this coming winter. Contact us for all your furnace needs.

Thermostat Repair

Sometimes heating issues don’t come from the furnace itself, but rather from the thermostat. In some instances, the thermostat may need a minor adjustment – but in others, it may need to be completely reprogrammed or replaced. Regardless of the type of repair your thermostat needs, the technicians at Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services can get the job done in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way so you can return to living comfortably.

When you call Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services for your thermostat repair, we’ll be able to tell you if it’s something as basic as a dead battery or something more complex, like an inability to get a proper reading. Since your thermostat controls your heating system, problems can lead to major discomfort. Our experts are equipped with the proper training and tools to fix every type of thermostat problem.

No matter what heating system your home uses, our repair team will be able to assess your thermostat issue and offer a solution. We’re trained to put your home heating needs first, and guarantee your satisfaction with a two-year parts and labor warranty. You can trust Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services to fix your thermostat on the same day, so you don’t have to go without heat. Contact us today for your thermostat repair, and experience the difference guaranteed reliability can make.

Furnace Replacement

If a professional HVAC contractor has been maintaining your furnace on a regular basis, it should last well over ten years. However, there comes a point when a new unit makes financial sense. When you need your furnace replaced with a high-efficiency, custom model to suit your lifestyle and budget, the experienced technicians at Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services can guarantee your satisfaction.

With over 35 years of furnace experience in the Monterey, CA area and beyond, Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services is proud to be the trusted choice for residential and commercial furnace solutions. We can usually replace old furnaces within one day, and we offer a two-year parts and labor warranty for your future peace of mind.

At Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services, we keep our customers in the loop, talking them through furnace replacements so they understand exactly what the costs will be, how to maintain their new unit, and what to look for in the future when it comes to tune-ups and repairs. Our technicians believe in superb customer service, and always provide estimates of the full cost of furnace replacements beforehand. When you need a reliable, friendly, and trustworthy furnace replacement service, contact Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services to fill your needs.

Furnace Tune Up

Many people shrug off the idea of a furnace tune-up until they get stuck on a cold winter night with a subpar heating system. Not only will furnace tune-ups ensure your system operates at its full capacity, but it will also save you money on your energy bill since your furnace won’t have to work as hard. Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services have provided furnace tune-ups to Monterey, CA and beyond for over 35 years, and would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

As winter approaches, it’s wise to schedule a furnace check and tune-up before the cold sets in. Our team can perform a quick and efficient system inspection, and provide tune-ups to suit the needs of your particular furnace, whether it’s a wall heater, floor heater, or forced air furnace. We have a firm understanding of how furnaces work, and can guarantee your tune-up will restore your furnace to its fullest potential.

If you’ve noticed an energy bill increase, ineffectual heating, or a longer time before your home reaches the proper temperature, you’re most likely due for a furnace tune-up. Contact Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services to come to your home, perform an inspection, and provide a complete tune-up – from making adjustments to your thermostat to replacing old or worn parts. To ensure you stay warm this winter, call us at (831) 375-3475 to schedule your tune-up today.