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Thermostat Repair

Sometimes heating issues don’t come from the furnace itself, but rather from the thermostat. In some instances, the thermostat may need a minor adjustment – but in others, it may need to be completely reprogrammed or replaced. Regardless of the type of repair your thermostat needs, the technicians at Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services can get the job done in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way so you can return to living comfortably.

When you call Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services for your thermostat repair, we’ll be able to tell you if it’s something as basic as a dead battery or something more complex, like an inability to get a proper reading. Since your thermostat controls your heating system, problems can lead to major discomfort. Our experts are equipped with the proper training and tools to fix every type of thermostat problem.

No matter what heating system your home uses, our repair team will be able to assess your thermostat issue and offer a solution. We’re trained to put your home heating needs first, and guarantee your satisfaction with a two-year parts and labor warranty. You can trust Reliable Plumbing & Heating Services to fix your thermostat on the same day, so you don’t have to go without heat. Contact us today for your thermostat repair, and experience the difference guaranteed reliability can make.

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